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North American Jr. Red Angus Event Benefit Auction
Date & Time: June 22, 2017 Bidding opens Monday June 19 and closes June 22 at 7 pm CDT
Location: This auction is strictly an ONLINE event.

Welcome to the North American Jr. Red Angus Event Benefit Auction. Lots are Posted and Bidding is Open!

Contact Cassie Johnson or Lydell Meier for more information: Cassie Johnson - 712-490-5397, Lydell Meier - 865-805-3594, Scott Bayer - 715-573-4943, Chad Zehnder - 612-554-2154 or Cody McMurphy - 405-880-4587.

Questions on how to bid? Unable to bid during the auction?
Contact Tracy McMurphy - 602-549-4509


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A. To Bid: You must first register for a bidder number. Use REGISTER TO BID link above.
1. Click on VIEW ITEMS above after the catalog is posted.
2. Place bid in bidding box next to desired lot.
3. Insert bidder number and password at the bottom of the page.
4. Follow instructions in subsequent screens to finalize your bid(s).


Registration is open at the link above. If you have registered for any of our previous online auctions you may use that bid number and password; however, you may need to update your account providing up-to-date information before you can bid. Go to the Register to Bid link above and click on Update Bidder Profile. If you have lost your bidder number or password go to the Register to Bid link above and click on Lost Bidder Number or Password. Please register in advance to save time and confirm your bid number via e-mail. To Bid click on ALL ITEMS below after the catalog is posted, scroll to the lot you want place a bid and/or max bid on, place a bid, then scroll to the bottom of the page and insert your bidder number and password and follow the screens and finalize your bids.

This sale features a horse race style closing format. ORIGINAL CLOSING TIME: 6:00 PM CDT WITH EXTENDED BIDDING TO FOLLOW!
Extended Period - 5 minutes extended bidding

B. EXTENDED BIDDING: Extended Bidding means that the auction is not declared closed until there has been five minutes of inactivity on all lots in this sale (the “inactivity period”). If there is any bidding on any lot during during the inactivity period, the entire auction is extended another five minutes from the time that bid is entered and will continue in this manner until there has been no bidding activity on any lots for five minutes during the inactivity period. You can always check the time remaining information that appears under each lot!

Example 1: Auction closes at 6:00 PM. There is no bidding on any lot from 5:55 PM to
6:00 PM. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 6:00 PM.

Example 2: Auction closes at 6:00 PM. A bid is placed on a single lot at 5:57 PM. The auction is then extended by 5 minutes, until 6:02 FOR ALL LOTS. No more bidding activity occurs. Thus, all lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 6:02 PM.

Example 3: Auction closes at 6:00 PM. A bid is placed at 5:57 PM on lot 3. Thus, the auction is extended by 5 minutes until 6:02 PM FOR ALL LOTS. Another bid is placed at 6:01 PM on Lot 5, which extends the auction to 6:06 PM FOR ALL LOTS. Another bid is placed at 6:05 PM on Lot 7, which extends the auction to 6:11 PM FOR ALL LOTS. Another bid is placed at 6:08 PM on Lot 3, which extends the auction to 6:13 PM FOR ALL LOTS. After the bid at 6:08, there are no more bids are placed on any lots. All lots are then declared closed and the sale ends at 6:13 PM.


C. BENEFITS TO FORMAT: There are several benefits to the horse race style finish format:

it allows buyers to continue to bid and be the true winner of the lot and not just the last person to bid before time runs out; and

It also allows all lots to end simultaneously so if buyers are getting outbid on one lot they can place a new bid on a different lot if they chose to do so.

D. MAXIMUM BIDDING: Maximum Bidding is a feature that may be used at any time during the auction. This feature allows buyers to place a private maximum bid that only the buyer will know and allows the computer to bid on the buyer’s behalf when another bidder places a bid on the same lot until the buyer’s maximum bid is reached. Visit our Online Auction Tips for more information.


E. FORMS OF PAYMENT: All bidding and payments are in US Dollars.
Accepted payment forms are:
farm, corporate or personal check;
cashiers check;
money order;
online credit card payment through PayPal (subject to a 3% service fee); or
direct wire transfer.

F. PAYMENT DEADLINE:All funds must be made payable to the North American Jr. Red Angus Event and mailed to an address that will be provided. Full payment must be RECEIVED within 5 business days from the close of auction or before the end of the day on June 30, 2017.

G. ELECTRONIC PAYMENT: All invoices not paid in full by June 30, 2017 or returned checks will be subject to a $100 finance charge and the bidder will be denied access to future auctions. If paying with a credit card through PayPal, please specify that at the conclusion of the sale and a PayPal invoice will be sent to the seller. All credit card transactions are subject to a 3% service fee. If a buyer would like to pay electronically and avoid the service fees, they can also conduct a direct wire transfer through their bank. If a buyer elects to transmit payment via direct wire transfer, all wiring instructions will be provided at the time of invoicing.

H. INVOICING: An invoice with payment instructions will be sent to each buyer’s registered e-mail address at the close of bidding. If a buyer does not receive an invoice via e-mail within 24 hours of the close of the auction, the buyer should immediately contact Red Angus World. Failure to complete the payment terms as stated above may result in forfeiture of purchases, ban from bidding with Red Angus World in the future and negative feedback reported to the credit bureau. Be sure you are capable of paying immediately as bids are not conditional upon financing. Unless the sale of an item is indicated otherwise, each lot will be sold subject to a reserve price established by the seller. When an article is sold with reserve, the auctioneer may bid on the seller’s behalf in an amount not to exceed the reserve price.

I. DELIVERY OF ANIMALS AND FEES: Each buyer is individually responsible for coordinating with the seller to arrange for transportation and delivery of animals purchased. No animals will be delivered until payment has been made for all purchases. Buyers will also be responsible for fees for shipping embryos or semen purchased. Those fees are NOT included in the purchase price of the lot.

J. HEALTH PAPERS: Health papers will be furnished by seller upon request for each
individual lot. Any special testing or export health testing will be done at the buyer’s
sole expense. Please call your state vet office for permits, requirements etc.

K. EMBRYO/SEMEN/GENETIC LOTS: Embryos, semen and group lots will be sold in lots, BUT the bid placed will be based on the cost of one embryo or straw of semen (the “PER UNIT PRICE”). The PER UNIT PRICE will then multiplied by the number of embryos or semen straws being offered in the package (the “TOTAL COST”). For example, if the winning bid on a lot of three embryos is $500 (the PER UNIT PRICE), the winning bidder will owe a total of $1500 for the lot of three (the TOTAL COST). Buyer on all embryos and semen lots will be responsible for all shipping cost. Embryos and semen sold will be noted if they are exportable to other countries in the footnote section of each lot.

L. GUARANTEE: Red Angus World is not responsible for injury or accidents. All animals become property of the buyer at the conclusion of the auction. Following the auction Red Angus World strongly recommend that all new owners take out mortality insurance on their purchases. Sellers cannot be held responsible for the health or condition of animals after the conclusion of the auction, including during transportation and delivery. Bulls are guaranteed sound to breed through one breeding season.

M. CONSENT TO TERMS: Any person placing bids on items in this auction agrees to be bound by these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and understands that, by placing bids, they are entering into a binding contract between themselves and the seller(s) and that they will be held financially responsible for their actions. Red Angus World is only an agent between buyer and seller and may not be held responsible for any livestock or merchandise. It is to be clearly understood that Tracy McMurphy, Red Angus World Online Sales, THM Promotions LLC, and representatives act only as a means between buyer and seller, and may not be held liable, financially or otherwise, for any failure on the part of the same to fulfill any obligations set forth in this sale or for the truth of any warranties expressed or implied. This catalog of offering has been prepared by Red Angus World from information provided by the seller(s) and is assumed accurate as presented to us. However, Red Angus World will in no way guarantee age, pedigree, or reproductive status of the animals sold. Any agreements and adjustments that may be made are solely between buyer and seller.

N. Placing a bid is a binding contract between you and the Owner/Seller, and the bid cannot be retracted. Once a Bidder places a bid, and the bid is the high/winning bid, the Bidder will be obligated to buy the lot at the said price indicated. Placing a bid on this online auction site, and winning, then not paying for the lot is illegal in most states, and prosecution can result.The Owner/Seller of property sold through this online auction site reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

O. Buyers are responsible for any bids placed under their respective bidding number(s) and password(s). The security of bidder information is the bidder’s sole responsibility and the bidder will be responsible for any and all bids placed under the assigned number. If, at any time, any bidder feels that their bidder number and password have been compromised, due to lack of security or otherwise, the bidder must notify Red Angus World immediately and a new account can be issued.

P. Bidders agree that they will use the Maximum Bid feature on our online auction web site according to the terms and conditions applicable to that feature. Please note:when using the Maximum Bid feature, if a bidder is the current high bidder and you want to change their Maximum Bid, the bidder will be required to place a new bid in the increment designated for that lot in order to raise their Maximum Bid, which may cause them to raise your last high bid by a minimum of one bid increment. By electing to use the Maximum Bid feature the bidder thereby acknowledges that they understand how Maximum Bid feature works and are bound by any resulting winning bids resulting from the Maximum Bid feature..

Q. BID RETRACTIONS: There are no bid retractions. ONCE SUBMITTED, ALL BIDS ARE FINAL AND BINDING. When a bid is made you manifest your intent and ability to purchase the lot at the bid price. Any winning Bidder who refuses to purchase the lot at the bid price or any bidder who enters a false or fraudulent bid may be subject to legal action and/or may be banned from all future online auctions.

R. WITHDRAW OF LOTS Despite efforts to avoid the withdrawal of lots from the online auction after they are listed, it may sometimes be necessary to withdraw lots. The Owner/Seller reserves the right to withdraw any lot or lots at any time before or during the online auction sale at the Owner/Seller’s sole discretion.

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